Who are we?

Child Protection Collaborative is a civil society child protection movement, which is made up of representative practitioners and professionals from various entities. 

We acknowledge our shared failure to protect all children. We act on behalf of the civil society sector for the safety and wellbeing of all children (including urban and rural children in the Western Cape, South Africa).

To this end we unite with an aim to exert pressure on all sectors to improve policy, legislation, policy implementation and services for the prevention of violence and abuse against children.

Children walking in a Township in South Africa
Photo Credits to Living Hope

CPC is committed to:

Policy change

Networking with government agencies to lobby for efficacy and efficiency in child protection with regards to policy, legislation and implementation.


Disseminating quality information on key aspects of the problem, in order to galvanise efforts towards prevention of violence against children based on intelligent, effective prevention strategies.


Creating awareness of child protection among communities in order to innovate and improve community-based child protection services.


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Centre for Early Childhood Development
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Western Cape Street Children Forum
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Adonis Musati Project
South African Faith & Family Institue
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The Justice Desk
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